Frequently Asked Questions:

"Are you still producing Replicant blades? If not, do the blades on the Volt platform fit on Replicants?"

No, I am not currently manufacturing Replicant blades, and the Volt platform blades are not compatible with Replicants.

"How often do drops occur?"

The frequency of drops can vary, but I aim to have one every week. For more information about drop schedules, you can subscribe to my email list, where I provide drop times and dates. Alternatively, you can follow me on Instagram for the most up-to-date information.

"Do you offer international shipping?"

Yes, I do offer international shipping, although it is not facilitated through this store. To arrange international shipping, you need to contact me directly.

"What's the warranty or return policy?"

The warranty covers lifetime protection against manufacturing or mechanical errors. Regarding returns, sales are considered final, except in special cases.

"Are replacement parts available for purchase in case of damage?"

While replacement parts are available, they are not currently being sold through this store. For more details and specifications, please get in touch with me.

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